Employees leave managers not companies. Let's fix that.
The core definition of leadership is taking people to a place they didn’t know they needed to go. But do you know if you have the right leaders to get you there? And if not, how do you know what qualities to look for or who will make the best fit? An in-depth assessment process to measure the unique leadership, communication, and management competencies critical to maintaining and strengthening your business culture is required. With this unique leadership benchmark you’ll be able to hire or promote exactly the right people to leadership or to “next generation” management roles.

Our Process

  • Define your company’s unique culture and assesses individual leaders and your next generation management team with our Culture & Management Study.
  • Prioritize actions to improve the recruiting, hiring, selection, or promotion of your current and future leaders.
  • Plan and deliver customized training, coaching, and development of your current and future leaders.

Assuring that your current leadership and next generation management team is fully capable to maintain or grow your business is central to maximize current business value and future success. Strategic Talent Management takes measure of your culture to determine actional and viable solutions to your leadership challenges.

Answer the following statements with yes, no, or I don’t know:

  • 80% of our employees are excellent performers.
  • We are happy with our turnover rate.
  • Our pay and benefits are competitive.
  • Each employee knows exactly what we expect of them.
  • Managers have weekly meetings with each of their employees.

If you answered no or I don’t know to 2 or more questions, we can help.

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