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Our Process

The STM Culture & Management Study combines the individual reports of your senior management team and those who you are grooming for leadership. The result is a candid and specific description of your organization’s culture, management, and communication styles which becomes the benchmark for all our work with your company. You can use this information to make strategic decisions about your organization and the direction you want to move. It also provides objective information to promote your employer brand and attract top talent to fit your particular needs.

  • In-Depth Analysis
    Our process begins with assessing your current leaders, providing 97 unique metrics per individual, and covering behaviors, motivators, competencies, talent, attitudes, energy, and drive. We can also assess your next generation management team to provide insight into their potential and the future direction of the business.
  • Practical and Actionable Information
    We don’t just give you the assessment results, we generate a comprehensive report, unique to each and every client, documenting specifics on why some of your people are more successful in their positions than others and where you may have gaps in your team. STM’s years of business experience, assessment data, and understanding of the plans you have for your business are all considered to create workable improvement strategies.
  • Solution Development
    Using the assessment data and team analysis, we frame a picture of your people, culture, management capacity, and communication styles. This allows us to establish a benchmark for all of our work with you, identifies the sources of your people challenges, and provides valuable insight for crafting custom solutions. The study also provides data about your organization which you can use to make strategic decisions and promote your unique brand to attract top talent.
  • Continuous Improvement
    We guide you through the solutions implementation process, proposing adjustments when needed, to ensure that you resolve your challenges and maximize the capacity and productivity of your team. We are a strategic partner invested in the success of your business.

STM has the tools, knowledge, and experience to solve your people challenges. Call or email STM today to evaluate your team.

Make informed decisions

Because we understand your company’s culture and your people, we’re able to provide informed recommendations, so you can get the most out of your current team. If you need to hire in order to grow, we can help you hire the right people and retain them for the long-term.

We’re with you, all the way

STM is your strategic partner for all business decisions involving people. Working together, understanding you, your people, your company history, and business plans, we’re a key resource for solving your people challenges and achieving your goals.

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