Prepare your organization for both planned and unplanned departures of key people.

Have a bench ready to step up

To prepare your company for planned or unplanned succession, you should certainly prepare legally and financially, but you should also identify people who fit your culture and can continue and build on your organization’s success. Maybe you’re planning to avoid those challenges and sell your organization to a larger or growing firm. But do you realize the most important concern for your potential buyer is the quality of your management team? One way or another, a succession plan involves building and retaining the next generation of management. That’s STM’s specialty.

It’s not just about the numbers

  • The People Side of Succession
    STM solves your people challenges. Our process begins with an assessment of your current and next generation management teams to establish a benchmark and evaluate leadership strengths, weaknesses, and capacities.
  • Finding the Diamond in the Rough
    STM helps identify employees who will be great leaders. Individual assessments may reveal hidden natural leadership talent on your team you didn’t even know was there and conversely reveal those who should not be placed in leadership.
  • Filling Gaps in the Org Chart
    STM helps with the planning, coaching, and/or recruiting of key staff. Next generation managers may require coaching and development to reach their full potential, or you may need to hire seasoned staff to take the reins of leadership.
  • Peace of Mind
    STM is your partner for the long term. Once you exit the business you want to know it’s in good hands, operating smoothly, and able to withstand the storms that inevitably blow through our economy. We continue to work with your new management team so you can enjoy your retirement and know that your legacy is in the right hands.

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The Working Dead: Preventing Retirement in Place (R.I.P)

The Working Dead: Preventing Retirement in Place (R.I.P)

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