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Transforming your business into a high profit organization.

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Strategic Talent Management is a team of experienced business consultants who help solve your people challenges.

Organizations across the United States partner with STM for practical solutions in hiring, recruiting, coaching, training & development and succession planning. Success begins with knowing your people and yourself.


Decide what needs to be done, how to do it, and make sure everyone is onboard.


Prepare the organization for both planned and unplanned departures of key people.


Save time and money by hiring the right person the first time and keep them engaged and on board.


Improve the quality of your management team and the valuation of your organization.


Happy customers.

“I’ve worked with Art and Sue on both sides of the hiring table – as a potential hire and as a client. I’ve reviewed and completed many assessments in my career, but none have been as detailed and insightful as STM’s. I found the assessment reports, especially the two-page summary report, to be invaluable as I reviewed and considered multiple candidates for Controller and HR Manager positions. I was able to compare and contrast the reports between the candidates and the Senior Management at our company to find just the right fit. Both hires were successful—the people fit with our culture and have made a significant and positive contribution to our company. The hiring process is one of the riskiest, most time-consuming, and important tasks for a manager or executive, and Sue was a guiding force through the multi-step process. She was always well prepared and provided valuable information, and insight. I highly recommend both Art and Sue of STM, and would be happy to discuss my experience in more detail.”

Rich Heuer

“Art understands the agency business and even more important — the agency owner.  That allows him to use his decades of experience, his testing tools (custom built for agency employees & positions) and his ability to coach both the new employee and their supervisor to ensure that every agency hire is a good, long-term investment.”

Drew McLellan
Top Dog, Agency Management Institute

“I have had the opportunity to work with Sue MacArthur and Art Boulay for a number of years and on a number of critical hires at Esparza.  Their unique process of understanding the culture of my organization, and only presenting candidates that would be a solid cultural fit has been such a relief.  They have always been right on the mark with their recommendation and have been a vital part of our recruitment process.  I highly recommend STM for your recruitment and hiring needs.”

Del Esparza
President, esparza

“I have had the opportunity to work with Art on a number of occasions including staff development and recruitment. He is always prepared and his insight is invaluable. Art has become an incredible resource for us.”

Carl Sheline
General Manager, Maple Way Dental Care

Art’s service and expertise have become an invaluable influence on my decision making, particularly with senior level hires, and as a development tool for existing staff. Stunningly perceptive and accurate insights. I’ve chosen to disbelieve Art’s assessment in the past at my own peril. I’ve never seen a tool as useful and insightful as this, and recommend it highly to anyone truly building an integrated team and a unified culture.

Glenn Towle
Partner, Momentum Agency Management Advisors

Mechanics Savings Bank reached out to Art for succession planning and executive development. Art did a fantastic job and has helped key executives work on a development plan to take on additional responsibilities. Art has an easy way in dealing with people which creates trust and respect in his recommendations and thoughts.

Richard Roy
EVP & Chief Banking Officer, Mechanics Savings Bank

For over a decade you have assessed prospective employees, which gave me insights into how they would “fit” as part of The Chamber team. The proof of the worth of those assessments is clear when you see how many long-term employees are with The Chamber. You took that to the next level when you assisted the board in recruiting a new CEO. Your efforts brought a candidate to their attention who might otherwise not have not gotten beyond initial screening. I recommend you without reservation to future clients.

Chip Morrison
CEO emeritus, Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce


Know your people and yourself.


Understanding employee communication, fundamental talents & attitudes, and level of energy & drive is vital to building an efficient and effective organization.


Planning, Succession, Recruiting, and Leadership are interconnected and vital functions of your business that must be looked at as part of a whole.


Stick with the plan and adapt as necessary. Strategic Talent Management will stay with you and your team throughout implementation to ensure success.

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