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Forbes Article
Next-Level Management: The Mother Of All Value Drivers

An easy way to determine if your company has transferable value is to ask, “If I permanently leave my business today, will it continue with minimal disruption to its cash flow?” An obvious follow-up question is, “Who is going to be responsible for running my business without me—and with minimal disruption to cash flow?” The answer can only be, “My company’s management.”

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Talent Management

Talent Management

Accurate hiring selection is essential to retain top performers. Employees who fit into the values and culture of the organization stay and are engaged.

Back to Zero

Back to Zero

Success is the enemy of change. Change agents, typically considered to be outsiders and upstarts, bring new ideas to the table which can take an industry back to zero. Those who were successful under the old rules do not even recognize the rules have been changed. Because they have no preconceptions of what a “watch” should look like, change agents have the advantage.

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