Improve the right parts, in the right order.

Interconnected Solutions

Planning, Succession, Recruiting and Leadership are interconnected vital pieces of your business that must be looked at as part of a whole. With our diagnosis in hand, STM evaluates these 4 key functions of your business identifying potential improvements:


FIrst, decide what needs to be done, how to do it, and make sure everyone is onboard and working to the same end. Second, make sure all business systems are aligned and focused on delivering what you need.


Prepare the organization for both planned and unplanned departures of key people. Assure business continuity to meet obligations to your employees, customers and the viability of everyone’s exit plans.


Save time and money by hiring the right person the first time. Clearly define your expectations of the position, who you need in that position, and how to evaluate and compare candidates.


Improve the quality of your management team and the valuation of your organization. Determine whom you must develop or recruit to lead people to the goal line.

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