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Know Yourself and Your People

Effective leaders know themselves and their people.

Over the years we have worked with leaders at every level in organizations to show them how their beliefs, attitudes, behavior, energy, motivators and communication impacts the bottom line. Only an organization whose people know themselves and one another is capable of developing a shared picture of the future and achieving its full potential.

Take People to the Next Level

Effective leaders are masters at choosing the right people to take the organization to the next level.

Our specialty is systems that look at the whole person and support leaders in recruiting, hiring, coaching, training and succession processes to identify and nurture people who fit the culture and will drive organizational goals.

Transform Your Business

Effective leaders take people to places they did not know they needed to go.

Improving  the soft skills of their people boosts their engagement and in turn, their energy and drive. These high performers drive the organization toward its goals. Strategic Talent Management makes our full portfolio of solutions available to assist you in solving your people challenges. 

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Strategic Talent Management Team
Art Boulay, MBA, CMC

Art Boulay, MBA, CMC


  • Assessment Expert
  • Planning Advisor
  • Succession & Leadership Advisor
  • Certified Master Coach

Art began his consulting career in 1991 to provide planning and leadership coaching to businesses in northern New England. By 1997 he began to master assessment tools that launched a nation-wide business in hiring selection, and by 2003 he was developing expertise in powerful scientific assessments that allowed the expansion of STM solutions into succession and recruitment.

Sue MacArthur

Sue MacArthur


  • Business Advisor
  • Executive Recruiter
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Assessment Master Practitioner

Sue has developed our national recruiting practice into being one of four key service areas. Prior to joining STM, Sue had a dynamic career in the areas of human resources and operations. She has held leadership positions at Westin Hotels, John Hancock Financial Services, and Manpower Staffing Services; and has  worn many hats with a variety of startup companies.

Lori Boulay, MBA

Lori Boulay, MBA


  • Accountant
  • Financial Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Project Manager

Lori began her career in healthcare and by 1986 was CFO at a local hospital. In 1989 she branched out into private business and began to do consulting work in healthcare and not-for-profits. Today, she has healthcare and not-for-profit clients all over Maine where she employs her expertise in audit preparation, Medicare/Medicaid billing, specialized reporting and financial management.

Chris Massaro, CPTM

Chris Massaro, CPTM


  • Training and Organizational Learning
  • Leadership Development
  • Master Trainer
  • Certified Professional in Training Management

Christopher Massaro is a learning and development professional with over 25-years of experience in the development and facilitation of training programs. Christopher is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Southern Maine, where he teaches in the Leadership and Organizational Studies department.

Alyssa Curit

Alyssa Curit


  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Recruiting Support
  • Assessment Administrator

Alyssa graduated from Merrimack College where she studied psychology and management, with a focus in business psychology and consulting. Alyssa has experience in human resources as a former intern at NFI Massachusetts. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Business Psychology.

Nicole Rodrigue

Nicole Rodrigue


  • Office Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Database Administration
  • Assessment Coordinator

Nicole has a background in office management and customer service and brings a can-do attitude to helping STM solve people challenges. She is highly proficient in time management and problem-solving, and plays a critical role in keeping us all organized and on track. Nicole resides in Lewiston with her two cats.

Graham Nash

Graham Nash


  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design/Development
  • Email Design/Development
  • Brand Management

Graham handles STM’s graphic, web, and email design needs. With 20 years of marketing experience, Graham is an efficient problem solver and no stranger to creative thinking. Graham, his wife, Jill, and their two boys, Ewan and Seamus, live and play in Brunswick, Maine.

Bill Maloney

Bill Maloney


  • Business Advisor
  • Strategist
  • Executive Coach
  • Systems Builder

Bill has spent a lifetime shaping how employees are selected & managed and brought positive change to many businesses. Today, Bill makes his home in Hampton, NH with his wife Pauline.

Featured Strategic Partners

AMI - Agency Management Institute

Drew McLellan, Top Dog

Agency Management Institute

Drew is not only a successful Advertising Agency owner, but he shares his expertise with agency owners through consulting and facilitating peer networks for small to mid-sized advertising, digital, marketing, media and PR agencies. If you own an agency, you will profit from getting to know Drew and apply his wisdom to your business.

Market Growth Accelerators

Craig Barnes, Growth Expert

Market Growth Accelerators

Craig is a master marketer and a long-time client, colleague and friend. Craig has spent 30+ years assisting businesses of all sizes generate revenue through on-target marketing solutions, and I love talking with this guy, because I always leave with the answer to a question I did not even know I needed to ask!

Spectrum Assessments

Jim Robins, CEO

Spectrum Assessments

Jim is a valued colleague whose assessments serve as the platform for everything we do here at STM. Jim is the President and founder of Spectrum Assessments LLC, a Phoenix based human talent management software/assessment development company. He has over 20 years of experience in leadership, recruiting, human resources, and training & development.


Altus Exit Strategies

David Jean, CPA, CCIFP

Altus Exit Strategies

David brings the financial consulting and tax expertise of a public accounting firm to the exit planning process. He is a certified exit planning advisor (CExP) and understands the tax benefits and potential tax consequences around timing an exit. We partner with David to bring management assessment and development to a successful exit plan.

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