STM selects candidates who fit your culture today, and who can help re-define the culture of tomorrow.

What’s the point of paying a recruiting fee if your organization ends up with the wrong person? STM’s recruitment system delivers pre-assessed candidates that fit your culture, communication and management style, guaranteed. If you already have a trusted recruiting process, we can enhance your process by screening finalists for cultural fit.

Our Process

  • Customized Search
    We don’t just open a file drawer, pull a few résumés and say, “Give these a try.” Every search is customized to meet the specific needs of the position, your management style, and the unique culture of your company.
  • Screening & Assessments
    Every candidate we send your way is thoroughly screened via research, interviews and our unique STM assessment process. As a result, we are able to distill the applicant pool and present only the most qualified candidates—saving money by avoiding hiring mistakes, and saving time during the selection process.
  • Flat Fee
    Our fee is based on a percentage of the target base salary, and it remains the same regardless of the final offer. This keeps us a neutral party when negotiating a final agreement with the right candidate.
  • Post-Hire Follow Up
    The first few months with a new hire are critical to ensuring that he or she is adjusting to their position and the relationship is meeting everyone’s expectations. Therefore, we maintain regular contact with you and your new hire to find out how things are going and address any concerns that arise from either party. We are fully qualified to find solutions and keep everyone on track for success before concerns become serious problems.

Recruiting is like changing the wings on your airplane, while maintaining a steady course. It is hard and you only want to do it once. Our objective is always on finding the best fit for the position and your culture–not the best of available applicants.

Answer the following statements with yes, no, or I don’t know:

  • We know precisely who we need in each position.
  • We accurately measure soft skills.
  • We are solid interviewers.
  • We have written expectations for each position.
  • We hire the right people the first time.

If you answered no or I don’t know to 2 or more questions, we can help.

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