We can help you plan to get from here to there.

Planning is as much about communication as any other single factor. If all employees are involved upfront and throughout the process, there will be a greater sense of ownership and fewer surprises during implementation. Strategic Talent Management will work with you from the beginning to assure everyone is meaningfully involved, that all the issues are out on the table  and that the final business plans address areas critical to your immediate growth and improvement goals.

Answer the following statements with yes, no, or I don’t know:



I Don’t Know

  • We have a written business plan.
  • Our business plan is less than 3 years old.
  • Our business plan is directly linked to our performance management process.
  • Every employee knows their part in our business plan.
  • Everyone can recite our mission, values, and vision.

If you answered no or I don’t know to 2 or more questions, we can help.


Our Process

  • Every employee is involved, but a select group leads the effort.
  • Make sure the team is on the “same page” and working on the “real” challenges.
  • Build plans, set goals, and prepare to update all business systems to support growth and improvement goals.
  • Monitor progress and be ready to defend, enforce, or adjust the plan.

By addressing the issue of communication head-on and from the beginning of the planning process, Strategic Talent Management can help assure the efficiency and effectiveness of your planning process.

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