I came across axiology-based assessments a few years back and decided to introduce them to my clients in Poland. A close friend and colleague in the U.S. introduced me to Art Boulay and Strategic Talent Management. From the very first meeting on Skype, Art and I “clicked”.

I translated the assessments into the Polish language and started using them with the first client – a cosmetics company in Poland. While I worked directly with the client, Art provided invaluable “behind the scenes” support to me via GoToMeeting and email. Together we analyzed the profiles generated by Sales staff and Management of the company. Art recorded our meetings, which allowed me to review them later, when I was preparing my reports for the client.

Art Boulay has been a mentor, colleague and supporter of my consulting business in Poland. From across the ocean, he has provided tremendous value to me and to my clients.

Thank you, Art!

Martin Turnau

Corporate Culture Consultant, Turnau Global Consulting

Partnering with STM

We work with consultants, trainers and recruiters all over the globe in two basic ways. STM can provide “behind the scenes” support in recruiting, hiring assessments, coaching, succession planning, training & development. We also work with providers who desire to master the tools themselves so they can deliver their specialized service with a scientific precision that leaves their competitors struggling to keep up.

“Behind the Scenes” Partner

We may provide services through your firm because you own the relationship with the end-client and have invested the time, money and effort in the marketing & sales process. The assessments and tools may carry your brand.

We enter all client relationships, including yours, with the long-term in mind.

Certification and Knowledge Transfer

For partners who wish to master the process, STM provides a full transfer of knowledge and capability regarding STM assessments and tools. STM will train your teams in the theory, background, application and interpretation of the assessments. STM provides “behind the scenes” support as long as required.

STM offers site licensing, monthly unlimited use pricing or volume discounts as appropriate.

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