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Find, hire, develop, and retain exceptional talent that will sustain your organization’s growth.

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Let us solve your people challenges so you can:

Increase Productivity

Minimize Turnover

Make Well-Informed People Decisions

Unlock Your People’s Potential

Strengthen Company Culture

Recover Valuable Time & Energy

Reach your business goals

Stop wasting time, money, and energy and start leading, promoting, and growing your business.

Understand your people

It all starts here. By assessing your people using our objective, scientific tools, we can pinpoint the source of your challenges.

Get actionable solutions

Understanding your company’s culture and people, we gain valuable insights and suggest actionable solutions.

Transform your business

We’re your strategic partner for all people-related business decisions. Working together, we can help you achieve your goals.

Happy Clients

“We just did our second hiring assessment with STM and we didn’t receive the news we wanted to hear about a candidate. We became emotionally attached, even though STM cautioned us otherwise. We asked the candidate more questions to dig into some of the concerns STM had raised. Just as STM said the candidate would, he gave us all the right answers; he knew what we wanted to hear. We made him an offer which would require him to prove himself in the areas in which there were doubts. He declined and that is when we knew – he wasn’t willing to take the risk on himself. So, back to the job boards. And we promise to never not listen to STM again!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊

Thank you STM. We do really like our new tool [hiring assessments], and this just proves it actually works!!”

Chris Cluff
President, Paper Trails

“I wouldn’t dream of hiring any candidate in any position at red sage without going through you”

Ellen Didier
President & Creative Director, Red Sage Communications, Inc.

“Art understands the agency business and even more important — the agency owner.  That allows him to use his decades of experience, his testing tools (custom built for agency employees & positions) and his ability to coach both the new employee and their supervisor to ensure that every agency hire is a good, long-term investment.”

Drew McLellan
Top Dog, Agency Management Institute

“I have had the opportunity to work with Sue MacArthur and Art Boulay for a number of years and on a number of critical hires at Esparza.  Their unique process of understanding the culture of my organization, and only presenting candidates that would be a solid cultural fit has been such a relief.  They have always been right on the mark with their recommendation and have been a vital part of our recruitment process.  I highly recommend STM for your recruitment and hiring needs.”

Del Esparza
President, esparza

For over a decade you have assessed prospective employees, which gave me insights into how they would “fit” as part of The Chamber team. The proof of the worth of those assessments is clear when you see how many long-term employees are with The Chamber. You took that to the next level when you assisted the board in recruiting a new CEO. Your efforts brought a candidate to their attention who might otherwise not have not gotten beyond initial screening. I recommend you without reservation to future clients.

Chip Morrison
CEO emeritus, Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce

Four core service areas

Hiring & Recruiting Services, Succession Planning, Coaching & Development, and Human Resources Consulting are all interconnected parts of your business. Our in-depth assessments accurately determine the people challenges your business is facing and how best to solve them. These solutions could involve hiring, coaching, development, performance management, recruiting, retention, or a combination of these services. STM develops tailored solutions that address your business’s unique challenges.

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