Provide your people with the resources, training, and support they need to excel.

Keep the right employees engaged and productive

Do you have the right leaders in place today to grow or improve your organization? Do you know who in your organization has what it takes to become a leader? STM offers an in-depth assessment process to accurately measure the leadership, communication, and management competencies of your current or future leaders. We pinpoint the exact issues each individual needs to address in order to improve their leadership capacity. We can also tell you if that individual is ready, willing, and able to accept coaching, development, and professional growth.
Work with STM and get everything you need to improve your leadership team’s performance:

  • Candid feedback about which team members can lead your organization today and in the future
  • Clear and specific direction for what and how each leadership candidate needs to improve
  • Customized coaching program for each individual

How satisfying would it be to look back 2, 5, or even10 years from now and know that you achieved your business goals?

Our Process

  • Know Your People
    Assess your existing and future leaders and define your company’s unique culture with our Culture & Management Study.
  • Find Who’s Ready
    Determine who is ready, willing, and able to accept coaching and development.
  • Plan for Improvement
    Develop a plan for customized coaching and development of your current and future leaders.
  • Implement the Plan
    Deliver coaching and training in 60-90 day segments with follow-up and support. This gives your people time to learn something new, test it, gather feedback, and repeat it until they understand it.
  • Focus on Results
    Work closely with ownership and senior leadership to support the coaching and development process.

Our goal is to earn a place as your strategic partner and be a key resource for the long haul.

Training & Development

STM’s training and development services provide tools to enhance the skills, competencies, and effectiveness of senior and emerging leaders in your organization. Our program provides opportunities for employee growth to enhance your company’s culture, groom successors for key roles, and increase engagement.

The programs below outline our approach from grooming future leaders through enhancing the leadership skills of experienced leaders. The process begins with understanding oneself and others as a fundamental building block of leadership, moves on to developing and understanding the key skills and tools of effective people management, and finally, to focus on the strategic role of leadership in an organization’s lifecycle.

From the broad sampling below, we offer standalone training or coaching, or a comprehensive curriculum delivered over time. By leveraging your investment in STM’s assessments and the insight they provide, we customize the content to meet the unique needs of your people and your organization.

Leadership Training Programs

Emerging leaders to encourage and develop is designed to provide a foundation for effective and consistent leadership. Training provides the knowledge, skills, and tools to be used in daily job functions and employee interactions.

Sample program offerings:

  • Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Communicating as a Leader
  • Active Listening
  • Tools and Techniques for New Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence

New leaders who need to hit the ground running develops the leader’s capacity to supervise others. These sessions build on the foundation of Leading Yourself and continue with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage, motivate, and manage employees.

Sample program offerings:

  • Developing High Performance Teams
  • Performance Management
  • Effective Onboarding
  • Managing Difficult Employees
  • Conflict Resolution

Experienced leaders who want to sharpen their skills or are facing new challenges provides an increased focus on leadership competencies and a broader strategic perspective.

Sample program offerings:

  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Creating & Communicating Your Vision
  • Passing the Baton: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

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