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Interviewing with Purpose

I talk to clients everyday who tell me they are bad interviewers and want us to sit in on an interview, guide them through it, or just do it for them. I understand their frustration. If you think about it,…

Limitations of Behavioral Assessments

A national recruiting site recently emailed out a marketing piece: 10 Great Jobs for Introverts. They listed jobs “that don’t involve dealing with people” such as…

Unless you have a human resources background, it is likely that those who do most of the interviewing in your company have little or no training on this subject. Interviewing is not typically discussed in business degree programs and is rarely taught before someone has to make their first hire. This implies interviewing is an innate talent, or simply not important. Both messages are wrong.

There are many books on the subject of interviewing, and for good reason. Hiring errors cost seven to nine weeks of pay for an entry-level person, about a year’s salary for a professional person, and several years’ salary for senior executives and specialized professionals. We do not present the following pages as a complete answer to the subject of interviewing but offer it as a place to begin. You must define and implement an appropriate interview process to generate the right outcome every time. Use this document as a design template or to test your current system.

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