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Investing in Your People

Move your business from ordinary to extraordinary by investing in your people. The best way to do that is to improve management performance and prepare your next generation of managers.

  • Improve communication inside and outside your organization
  • Retain your star performers
  • Leverage everyone’s full capacity

Learn how STM helps you invest in your people

Coaching Your Leaders

Our approach is one-on-one, highly personalized, and focused on identifying vital areas for improvement to take an individual’s leadership capacity to the next level. It is time-bounded to 3 or 4 months with a tight focus on discussion, tools, and action. It is ideal for new leaders or experienced leaders who want to “sharpen the saw.”

  • Provide individual support to overcome specific challenges
  • Give your rock stars a boost to get to the next level

Learn more about STM’s leadership coaching

Training and Developing Your Leadership Team

STM offers in-person and virtual options for groups that focus on the core concepts of efficient and effective leadership. Using our assessment technology, we are able to tailor our curriculum to the specific needs of the participants. Whether your goal is to give inexperienced team members an introduction to the basic tools and techniques of leadership, or to increase the depth and value of your existing and experienced leaders, STM can craft the right solution for you.

  • Groom promising members of your team for leadership roles
  • Increase the capacity of your current leadership team
  • Provide seasoned managers with new tools for their leadership toolbox

Learn more about STM’s leadership training and development

Benchmarking Your Culture

The STM Culture & Management Study combines the individual assessments of your senior management team and those who you are grooming for leadership. The result is a candid and specific description of your organization’s culture, management, and communication styles which becomes the benchmark for all our work with your company.

  • Clearly and specifically articulate your company culture
  • Identify what it takes to be successful at your agency and how to measure it
  • Understand what your star performers have in common

See a sample of what STM can tell you about your culture and your team

Hiring and Recruiting

Choosing STM as your strategic partner for hiring and recruiting can increase your success rate in obtaining and retaining top talent. STM is your solution for:

  • Full-service executive search
  • Assistance in finding qualified candidates
  • Hiring assessments of your finalists
  • Obtaining powerful insight to improve hiring success

Learn more about STM’s hiring and recruiting solutions.

Succession Planning

Leadership, or even ownership, of your organization will change whether or not you have planned for it. Succession planning involves building and retaining the next generation of management so that the smooth operation of your company and your legacy continue.

  • Develop a succession plan for each critical position
  • Define a coaching and development plan for key individuals
  • Prepare for planned or unexpected leadership changes

Learn more about STM’s succession planning solutions

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